First meeting

Hi! I am really excited to see how many of you came to meet me! Thanks! I will give you tomorrow details about the next meeting on Grape Mountain


SSO Meeting #1


First meeting will be on Sunday, 16th of August 2015.

SERVER: Grape Mountain (EE3)

HOURS: ~ 9:00 am GMT–10 am GMT

~ 3:00 pm GMT — 4:00 pm GMT

~ 4:00 pm GMT — 5:00 pm GMT

MEETING PLACE: ~ (from 9:00 am GMT) at Moorland, next to Jenna

~ (from 3:00 pm GMT) at Fort Pinta, next to James

~ (from 4:00 pm GMT) at the Bus Station, next to Fort Pinta.

I am really excited to meet you all! *-* See you then!

Back from Holiday *Part 2*

Heyaa! I am back with part 2 of my LOOOOOOONG article about the British Camps XD

So, my fave activities were:

~Boot Camp: It was something that most would call “tough” but for me was pretty easy. We had 10 ‘challenges’ from 10 diffrent teachers. We had to crawl, to punch, to do crunches and so on. It was very nice!

~Paintball: There were two teams- the blue and the red one. Me and my friend were in the blue one and we had just to shoot with paint balls in the other team’s members.

~Film making: Just a class were it taught you how to make films and I filmed a 1 minute movie! My first Oscar movie loool! XD XD XD

~Airsoft: Again, were two teams and instead of shooting with paint balls, we were shooting with air, but if you wouldn’t had a suit, you would have hurt yourself.

~Hockey: I guess that everyone knows what hockey is lol XD

~Parachute making: We had to make out of 10 sheets of paper a little basket and a parachute so we could put an egg inside and let it fly and land without breaking. *My team won yaay!* XD

~Photo contest: we were in teams and we had to take photos of everything that was on our list.

There were even more activities but these were the best! I will go there next year as well!

Thanks for reading and see you next time! ❤

Back from holiday!

Hi people!! :)) First of all, I want to mention that this article is NOT related to SSO.

So, I returned from my summer holiday! I was in the Canary Islands and last week I was in my first summer camp! ❤ It was awesome! It was called “British Camps”. There was very nice. There are young teachers coming from United Kingdom and all of them are volunteers. There were 13 teachers and my teacher’s name was Calum. The past week was awesome! We woke up at 8 o’clock and had breakfast and then we had two English classes of 1 hour each. After the classes, we had lunch and a hour and a half break. At 4 pm. we started the “Workshops”. Those were some activities of one hour each and we had two every day. After the Workshops we had dinner and then starting with 8:30 pm. we had the Evening activity for one hour and then 3 hours of Disco! xD

In this camp I managed to do so many stuff in only 1 week, when to others, all those activities would take 2 months! xD

Okay. That’s all for this article but I will write one more soon about this ’cause I am not finished yet XD


*Happy birthday to my blog XD* & 100 likes on Facebook


Today I am so excitied to announce you that my blog is finally 1 year old! 😀 Thanks to everyone who followed me, to everyone who came to visit this blog and to everyone who commented and liked the photos! ❤ I would give you some real cake but I unfortunatley can’t so, this is the only cake I can give you XD


Also, I am so happy to tell you that my Facebook page ( reached 100+ likes! Thank you so so much for it! 🙂100 like facebook

Thank you so much for everything and I will soon make a thank-you for 100 likes video and as well a *Flashback* video with images that I have posted in my most viewed articles.


Jorvik City Plaza Stairs Glitch

Hi!! 🙂

Today I will show you how to do a glitch at the Jorvik City Plaza. You will be able to walk up and down on a set of automatic stairs. To make this glitch you will need to have Bandicam. And, before to start, I have promised to my friend to give her credits because she showed it to me. Thanks, Annalisa Silentheart! 😀aya


1. Open Bandicam.

2. Set the FPS to be 5. fps5

3. Go to Jorvik City Plaza. (You don’t have to film yet)

4. Go infront of the stairs and start filming (press F12).

5. Go to a medium distance to the stairs.stairs1

6. Start running to the stairs on the LEFT. (The FPS set to 5 will make it slow motion)

7. You are done. You can now walk up and down these stairs. :))stairs2

See you next time!!


Important anouncements :))

Hi everyone!! 😀

So, today I am officially on SUMMER HOLIDAY! yaay!! ❤ This means that I will post much often in these three months :3 And, as well, I have not told you that in the first week when the American Quarter Horses appeard, I bought one :DD Her name is Rockqueen and it’s black 😀 It’s soooo adorable!

These were the announcements so, see you next time ❤



New Star Stable Memory Game

Hey! So, this post contains pretty big news…

Star Stable has launched a brand new game-competition. All you need to do is to go on their Facebook official page and click on Star Stable memory. There are awesome prizes to be won..

Prize 1: (hold on, this is awesome)….. A travel to Tobbe Larrson’s Ranch in Sweeden! :O Awesome, right? 🙂

Prize 2 for people on the second to fifth place: Lifetime membership and 5000 star coins :)) Cool! 😀

Prize 3 for people on the sixth to tenth place: Lifetime membership and 2000 star coins. 😀 Awesome :))

Don’t forget- This competition ends on Monday, 4th May 2015! So, hurry up 🙂

All you have to do in order to win is to get as big Highscores as possible in the Memory game. You need to make pairs of two identic cards. It is really easy 😉

Hope that you will win something awesome and see you next time 🙂